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Serious Injury Claims

Cervical spine injuries in a vehicle accident involve a rapid flexion and extension on the spine of supporting tissue known as whiplash

Cervical spine injuries in a vehicle accident involve a rapid flexion and extension on the spine of supporting tissue known as whiplash

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  • Are you in pain and still suffering from your accident and confused what to do? Let us do the heavy work and help get you back on track. We have over 13 years in the field of injury cases and helped hundreds of accident victims.

  • Immediately after a vehicle collision call us for free advice.

  • The other driver's insurance company will ask for a recorded statement- Call us first for advice. Insurance companies try to trick you into making a statement that can hurt you later in the case.

  • Get an evaluation from a medical doctor or health clinic if you are hurt.

  • You shouldn't discuss your case with anyone but your attorney.

  • Let us help maximize case value.


Case Results

Vehicle vs. Road Worker- Vehicle hit worker in a construction zone causing a torn ACL ligament in knee requiring surgery $100,000.00 Policy Limits Settlement

Rear End Vehicle Collision- 50 mph rear end impact: Multiple surgeries- $350,000.00 Policy Limits Settlement.

Vehicle collision roll over- Soft tissue injures- $15,000.00 Policy Limits Settlement.

Rear End Vehicle Collision- Plaintiff's vehicle was totaled and she suffered a brain injury and memory problems- $50,000.00 Policy Limits Settlement

Side Swipe Low Impact Vehicle Collision- Both passenger and driver suffered soft tissue neck and back injuries. Insurance company offered a very low amount to resolve the claim. Claim was ultimately resolve for 12 times the original offer.

Underinsured Motorist Claim- Rear End vehicle accident with back and neck pain. Insurance company offered 1/4 of the policy limits. After Mr. Massae was retained, he filed a demand for arbitration and the case resolved for the policy limits.

Vehicle versus worker on ladder. Cervical and lumbar spinal injuries. $25,000.00 Policy Limits Settlement.


Individual case outcomes vary and the above examples are not a guarantee, warrantee or prediction as to the outcome of an individual case or claim.



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After an accident, the insurance company will likely try to get you to settle your case for far less that what it is worth. Don't fall for the insurance company trap!

  • Accident Case Basics

When you are injured in a vehicle accident the first step is to have a medical professional evaluate your injuries.  Many times with traumatic spine injuries you will not discover the extent of your injury without a MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) study, X-ray or a CT Scan. A MRI uses the strength of magnets through digitized imaging to generate a map of your injury site. Then, an expert will read the MRI and make an opinion as to abnormalities and report them to your treating doctor. Based on the significance of the report, the doctor can refer you to a specialist for further evaluation for possible surgery to correct or repair your injury.

Once it is discovered the type of injury you’ve suffered, then we can begin to effectively analyze your case in terms of value. An example of some factors that will be taken into consideration will be, cost of medical treatment (past and future) general pain and suffering, lost wages and how permanent the injury is. Then a settlement range will be discussed with the client. If fair settlement is offered, the client will accept the offer and the case is over. If the offer is unfair, then the case must be prepared for a jury trial. Preparation for a jury entails written discovery such as Interrogatories, Request for Documents, Physical Examinations and Depositions. Once a jury trial has been set by the Court, it could take up to a year to have your case heard. It is a lengthy process and requires endurance by the client and the lawyer- so be prepared.

We are here to help you through the process and set goals to maximize your case value.

We are also familiar with brain injuries and paralysis. These cases commonly require the use of an expert witness to explain the future needs of a person who cannot function because of their injuries. It is common that future damages can range into millions of dollars.

An Experienced Injury Attorney Can Help Maximize Settlement Value

You may know how much pain you are in after a traumatic accident, but do you know what your injury means, what treatments are available and if surgery is an option? Also, if you attempt to settle your claim, do you know the value of your case and what facts should be used to support your position. Are you prepared to go court? Do you know the rules of evidence, rules of civil procedure or how to pick a jury in your favor? If you have answered “NO” to any of these questions, you should consult with an attorney to learn your rights and get protection.

Insurance Adjusters

When an accident occurs, the other party's insurance company will call you to get a recorded statement and try to offer you money which is usually a paltry amount to settle the claim. Before you speak with the insurance adjuster call us for free information. We can walk you through the process and analyze your claim.

Injured Victims

Our office has successfully maximized settlements for our client's accident cases. Without our help, some clients would have walked away with nothing. Don't let this be you. The law says that you are entitled to all damages proximately caused by the defendant's conduct. Damages recovered include: LOSS of WAGES, LOSS OF EARNING CAPACITY, LOSS OF USE, Compensation for PAIN and SUFFERING FUTURE PAIN and SUFFERING, MEDICAL EXPENSES both PAST and FUTURE, MENTAL SUFFERING.

We have settled cases involving Neck Injuries, Back Injuries, Knee Injuries, Shoulder Injuries, Scaring, Brain Injuries & Loss of Memory, Ankle, Hand/Wrist injuries burns. We generally represent victims involved in CAR & TRUCK ACCIDENTS, SLIP & FALL, PREMISES Cases. 

Get the compensation you deserve, CALL US today for a free consultation. We also represent VICTIMS of MEDICAL MALPRACTICE which include, FAILURE to DIAGNOSE, MEDICAL BATTERY,  INFORMED CONSENT& BIRTH INJURY.